Cô ấy – Chap 15 – YÊU !

Tôi bay l
ắm , bay từ cách yêu , cách sống , cách làm việc đến cách suy nghĩ . Chắc cũng vì như vậy , mà tôi luôn muốn đi tìm một nửa của riêng tôi . Tôi vẫn tin vào những câu chuyện cổ tích , không phải là tôi tin vào một phép màu , mà tôi tin … đến cuối cùng , ai cũng sẽ tìm được một nửa của riêng mình !

Hers – Chap 7 – Boyfriend out of town !

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This is not my first time experiencing boyfriend out of town . But this long , 2 weeks …. Is the first time . And seems like the first night alone was not that good ! I was checking the time zone , checking if he txt me on whatsapp . Whenever my phone’s ringing or flashing , I always think ” it’s him ” . I’m curious to know if I’m gonna be like this for 2 weeks or just a few days . So I’m gonna keeps track of myself everyday until he get back !

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Hers – Ep 5 : Love’s in the air !

Flowers – From guys to me , it was always meant that ” I’m so sorry , just forget everything I did wrong because : I really want to f you  , I just want you not to be mad anymore , it’s the only thing romantic I can think of , can we just fuck ?! ”   . So I don’t remember since when I started to hate receiving flowers . Oh and that’s not the worst , the worst is one of my ex picking a rose from a garbage and give it to me , and when I asked did he do that , he said ” yes ” … And I’m not making that up ! When I said I hates flowers because they die , pffffffffff … really ? You believe that ? I got that from a novel or a movie which I don’t even remember ?!

Well , The Total Package’s total package for a reason ! He bought me flowers with the ” I really like you ” meaning , not even for anniversary but for no reason , for a regular day !The first time he bought me flowers , I got flowers from another guy too ( let’s call him E ) . So on the same day , I got flowers from 2 guys . One from E and one from The Total Package . It was so easy for me to do the comparison !

E liked me , but I caught him with his ex while he was dating me , so I left him and he wanted me back so bad that he was ready to do literally everything , including patrolling my house around 11 to 1 am , saying ” I just want to talk , I just want to see you , I need to see you ” . He bought me flowers even when I told him I don’t like it , I never got flowers before ! When I asked him what’s that for , he said it was for saying sorry . And yes , he was , but I know that he thought I’d be so blind , when what he wanted to say wasn’t only I’m sorry , but also ” You said you never got flowers before , so now I’m the first one who give you flowers ”

The Total Package – What can I say ? He’s absolutely just do it without any reason . At least for me , there’s no reason I can think of , accept he’s showing me that he likes me , a lot ! So I appreciate that , I hope he won’t buy me flower just to get me not mad in case if we fight ! Lol
We were talking about how long ” us ” gonna last . He said , he doesn’t want to let me go , he will not do that … ” I’m not that stupid ” he said .
He said ” I was waiting for you all my life ”

My thought ” I was looking for someone like you ”

He said ” You are perfect for me  , you are my female version ”
My thought ” It’s crazy , you are my male version too .. ”

He asked ” Will you still love me when I’m old ? Not ugly , not fat ? ”

For 2 seconds , I was thinking about it , just 2 seconds , and I said ” Yes ” . I think before I speak , because of what I says , I’ll do it !
Being with him is like a dream , everyday is a new day , everyday I feels like it’s the first day we are together . And if it keeps being like this , how can I leave him ?
He’s sweet , but not too cheesy , it’s a kind of sweet that make you wanting more and more everyday . Looking at him and I just have one thought ” Oh … Shit ! ”

He’s dangerous , making me aware all the time but somehow I feel safe being with him . Knowing he won’t do anything to hurt me . That he’s respect our relationship ! And he’ll give 100% to it .

He’s funny , if I go to a coffee shop , all of the staff will remember me , because I’ll talk with them , joke and laugh . When I’m with him , it’s like he steal my show lol . But I love him more , seeing him being so friendly with others .

He’s so positive , me too but not that positive . I get down easily thinking about my future , my career and how to get to the top, it’s stressful  . By this way or the other , he push me , it’s like he know exactly when I need a boost and he give me that ! He makes me believe in myself and what I’m doing !

Everytime I write something about him , it always take me hours to get it done . Because , writing it down , read it again and convince myself this’s real , this’s happening in real life … this’s happening to me … it takes time ! If this can get any better , I think I’ll go crazy .

My boyfriend , he is amazing !